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June 30, 2019 Hammock

Freshness Outdoor Hammock Swings

Hello guys! In our article today we have for you some ideas of hammock swings so you can see how they look in modern house. The good weather arrives and with it our home usually opens to the outside. A many you want to have a hammock to enjoy the pleasant balance and the freshness of siesta in it, now that we have time to do it. These may be right-angled or parallel-walled walls. In this second case is more complicate since you would have to match distance between the walls and the length of the hammock. in addition it is likely that you will be in the middle of a step. Structurally it is very important that you make sure that walls where you place the anchor (you have to make sure that the anchor itself can support at least 100 kg of weight) are at least 14cm thick.

Diy Hammock Swings

Diy Hammock Swings

This can be checked, for example in a door step and if you do not have it. By the sound it makes when bitten with knuckles. If the sound is deaf. Then most likely it is a thick wall, if the Sound is hollow, then it will be a partition. It is not advisable to anchor a hammock to a partition. The second option is to anchor the hammock swings to the roof. This gives us much more flexibility than the wall option (we can place it exactly where we want). But we will have to take into account some aspects.

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False ceiling: Maybe the place where we want to anchor it has a false ceiling. When it comes to a false plaster board ceiling (pladur type) it is easy to see. It is more difficult when it comes to a false ceiling of plaster. They are usually very hard. And some have a thickness large enough that the appearance of the ceiling looks like it is best to do the test with the drill. A thickness greater than 3-4 cm.

Beyond the concept, we will find several proposals in designs and styles of hammocks. On the design, there are variations in the way of presenting the ropes to hang it. Likewise, styles can range from rustic cotton to colorful canvases. The presence or absence of fringes, the type of fabric used, among others. Where are you going to hang your hammock? We leave you more picture in design and decoration so that you continue to enjoy hammock swings.

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